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PRAYER MINISTRY  The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to lead the church to access God’s spiritual resources, to intercede on behalf of others, to seek forgiveness, and to communicate our love and praise to Him. The Prayer Ministry will provide opportunities to learn what the Bible says about prayer and to use that knowledge to bless individuals in the church. The Prayer Ministry is to encourage the entire church body to have a time of daily personal prayer and to help the church understand that the foundation for a church that follows the leadership of Christ is prayer. The Prayer Ministry may, at times of special need, call the church into a time of prayer and fasting.  If you have a prayer need, please let our Prayer Ministry know by submitting a PRAYER REQUEST FORM

MISSIONS AND EVANGELISM MINISTRY  The Missions and Evangelism Ministry has a two-fold purpose. First, with respect to missions, this ministry focuses on doing everything possible to expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ. It includes, but is not limited to, establishing new mission churches, planning and implementing mission trips to assist others in times of need or disaster, and working with local ministries or organizations to provide support in their outreach efforts. Second, with respect to evangelism, this ministry focuses on sharing God’s gift of salvation and eternal life in Jesus Christ. The Evangelism Ministry will provide classroom training, field training, and ongoing opportunities for witnessing.

ADMINISTRATION MINISTRY  Maintaining appropriate records regarding the people and financial status of the church, interfacing with organizations that interact with the church, and maintaining the facilities of the church is the focus of the Administration Ministry. It includes, but is not limited to, maintaining written and verbal communications with businesses and government agencies that interact with the church; keeping a database of the church membership; keeping a database regarding all financial transactions of the church; ensuring that the church grounds and facilities are kept safe, attractive, and in proper working order; and providing support, information, and resources to staff and committees, as needed.

TEACHING MINISTRY  The Teaching Ministry is responsible to communicate sound doctrine and its application to life for the purpose of glorifying God and discipling His covenant people. This Teaching Ministry stands upon three basic convictions: (1) right doctrine leads to right believing and right living, (2) God uses His Word as a means to both draw and preserve His people in grace, and (3) our commonly held beliefs provide the basis for unity in the church. Thus, the teaching materials and content will be in accord with the truths revealed by God in Holy Scripture and with the church’s Statement of Faith reflected in the church’s Constitution.

MUSIC MINISTRY  The purpose of the Music Ministry is to encourage praise and worship among the fellowship through music. The Music Ministry will work to teach music; train persons to lead, sing, and play music; and to provide music in the church. The Music Ministry will also provide opportunities to discover and develop musical gifts and use those gifts to glorify God.

FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY  The purpose of the Fellowship Ministry is to aid the health and unity of the church body by leading activities and organizing events that facilitate fellowship within the church, including among demographic groups (e.g., Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, etc.)